Line continuity


I want to start by saying that this tool for map creation is very good! But I have one particular question that as been troubling my work.
When I add a line, which is kind long in the map I’m making, if I stop the process the tool doesn’t let me continue the same item/line. It is stated that " Continue the line by Crtl / Cmd clicking on the endpoints." But by pressing “Ctrl” in the end of the object I get nothing to continue drawing, only moving.

Thank you for your attention.

Hello! You need to press Ctrl + click at the same time at the last point. Click while pressing the button!

Sorry Zsolt Ero. I don’t know what I’m doing wrong… I try to press (also keeping pressing) Ctrl + click but I only get the move icon on the mouse.

I’ve tried on different computers and I get the same result.

Are you on Windows or Mac?

I’m on windows.

By the way, is there any way to change the size of the icons?

Thank you for your attention and replies.

Hi João,

You’d need to keep the Ctrl key pressed while clicking the first or the last point of the line. Does it work this way?

About the icons, I guess you are thinking about Markers. You cannot change the size of the default set, but you can upload custom icons from PNG images!