Indicators for groups and subgroups

Hi, thanks for creating the tool, it’s fantastic but I have a question for a project that I will carry out …

… There will be the possibility that a bookmark will be shown for a group in general and when opening that group show the markers of the sub groups and when closing only those of the group in general will show

Hi soportec,

check out this thread, it’s about sub-groups:

Maybe it’s what you’re looking for :slight_smile:
There are some interesting ideas about (sub)group systems.


gracias por la respuesta antes de publicar revise el foro y ya habia visto la informacion para ser mas espesificos lo que requiero es poder ocultar los elementos del grupo pero poder mostrar algun indicador del grupo pero permitiendo que al hacer click en algun grupo los elementos se muetren y al salir del grupo desaparescan

gracias por su tiempo y ayuda

Here is Soportec’s reply via Google Translate:

Thanks for the response before posting review the forum and I had seen the information to be more specific what I need is to be able to hide the elements of the group but be able to show some indicator of the group but allowing that when you click on a group the elements will die and when leaving the group they disappear
Thanks for your time and help

I don’t quite understand what is the use case here. Can you maybe post an example map with your problem? Do you want to have sub-groups, as @Michel suggested?


I think you mean something like group points on the map?
Like a group item clustering. When you click on a group point, only items of the specific group will be shown/become visible.

Check out this possibility, it’s about a group level zoom:

It’s about the function, to click on the group name in the panel on the right, in order to zoom to a group and activate the visibility. Not a group symbol on the map, but maybe helpful.

And here is a thread about clustering:

It doesn’t have something to do with grouping, but the mechanics of clustering are maybe similar.