Import with Titles

Hi there! I’m attempting to import roughly 1000 items and would like one of the fields in my geoJSON file to be the title of each item. Is there a way to do this that’s not manual? If not, I’ll need to manually copy and paste text from the description field into the title field and that could take hours.

Any help is really appreciated!!

Hi Matt, can you explain it a bit in detail? What file format are you trying to import? A GeoJSON file?

If so, the good news is that a GeoJSON file supports everything you can possibly do in MapHub, as that’s the native format of MapHub as well! So just have a look at any of the Explore maps and download the GeoJSON and see how it’s done! Just fill your properties like that and it’ll work!

Thanks! Figured this out as I was feeling my way through the GeoJSON import/export feature. Separately, I know you’ve mentioned sub-groups is a de-prioritized feature, but wanted to note that it would be highly beneficial for my use case as well.

An example to make it more tangible:
I’m building a map that shows technology companies founded over time in a particular geography. Within the time horizons, I’d like to be able to highlight different trends (technology types, industry verticals, etc.). Doing so would allow me to use MapHub as a really powerful storytelling tool.


My concept for sub-groups and “one item in more than one group” is some kind of data-based map. That’ll be the biggest new feature after collaborative maps are implemented.

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