Images and description problem

I’m new to Map Hub after running into performance and/or pricing issues with other platforms. Map Hub seems to be free of the other platforms’ issues but when I add an image to a marker, the description no longer displays. I’ve thought about how I may be able to work around this to still present my annotations but all my options just seem kinda clunky. Is it possible to feature images with a paragraph or so of text in the description at the same time? I saw another member post such a screenshot as an example in another thread.

Sure, images + descriptions are the default behaviour, it should work out of the box. Have a look at for example, most items have images + descriptions.

Maybe you left “Hide Text” checked?

I’ve checked and hide text has not been checked. The issue, more specifically, is that the text cuts off too early with photos. The Japan map you linked to didn’t have this issue. I didn’t see a scroll bar. The image attached shows a location with a photo and the description cutting off too early.

Thanks for the detailed explanation. Can you share the map or make a new public map with one item which demonstrates the problem?

I created a dummy map to demonstrate the issue. This one only has two points on it.

The issue seems to be resolved. I went back into my real map and there were scroll bars. Perhaps it just blended in too much for me to notice when I was working on this yesterday. Thanks for the help.

Yes, I think it’s just the visuals of the scroll bar which is the problem. I think most users use mouse wheel scroll or touch pad scroll or mobile device touch screen and are not using the scroll bars actually.