"Heavy Basemap Usage"

I am getting a “Heavy Basemap Usage” warning and unable to use the Thunderforest “Outdoor” map I prefer. I clicked on the “How to add API keys” link to be taken through to a 403 Forbidden page. I have a Thunderforest account, and I have the API key, but don’t know how to add it to Map Hub.

Screenshot 2020-04-11 at 20.26.42


Ignore me, I found out where the API key goes. I clicked on my Map Hub settings and the field was there. But you still need to fix the link from the 'How to add API keys" button on the pop up message (see post above).


Hi David,

Sorry for that, I’ve recently revamped the documentation website and all the .html extensions got removed, but that link is still directing everyone to the old verion.

So the correct URL for that guide is: https://docs.maphub.net/basemaps/


Thanks Zsolt.