Hi !
I do not know if it is an error or so it is planned:
I have a map with two groups of information, one for public view (Pollença) and another private and hidden (Faltes) just for me.
Everything works fine on the WEBSITE but if the guest accesses [MAPHUB] by pressing the button on the right, from here he can DEACTIVATE THE EYE and see my private information.
See map:
web >ça
MapHub >

Hi Andreu,

there is only the possibility to make your map private or public.
Though, the idea of making individual groups and items public or private sounds interesting.
The “eye” button is like a filtering tool, usable for every visitor of the map. As creator of the map, you can only decide if the user has to manually activate the visibility first*.
(*Save the map with deactivated visibility for an item or group)
The user can still see all items and groups.
As for your website, actually your link doesn’t work. But I’m interested in the way it works on your site.


Hi Michel !
Thanks for the quick reply
I understand the problem and I must deactivate this part (group) by being reserved information.

I do not understand that the link to my site does not work? If it works for me in log on and log off mode.

Greetings, Andreu

Hi Andreu,
now it’s working for me too. Maybe it was a error on my browser, it showed me some 404 error or something.
I see the “FALTES” group/items and can activate the visibility by myself.