Embedded map not starting up

I’ve created a map using MapHub and tried to embed it to my website via the iframe attribute. This, however, shows a blank plane, freezes Google Chrome for a moment and outputs " Uncaught SecurityError: An attempt was made to break through the security policy of the user agent." to the console. But it works flawlessly on the phone.
I’ve read it might be due to security issues. Allowing cookies doesn’t change anything. What could be the cause here?

Hi Plato,

Can you post a URL to the problematic page? Are you trying to use AMP by any chance?

No, I didn’t know what AMPs were before your post.
Here is link to a test page

Hi Plato, sorry for the late reply. The linked page works perfectly for me in Google Chrome on laptop. Is there any chance you are using some extension? Can you try it in incognito mode without any extensions activated?