Custom basemap

Hi. Mapbox just added 256×256 tiles to it’s styles API. It would be nice to have possibility to use custom tiles. uMap already has this feature.

Leaflet-like tile URL seems to be enough.

Hi Severak,

Yes, I agree, custom basemap is really nice to have! Can you link me to what Mapbox has added? They have already had basemaps, even now the Satellite is coming from Mapbox.

In Mapbox studio you can create custom basemaps/styles. For example I created Metropolis style for myself.

The thing which was added is possibility to retrieve 256×256 tiles via styles API, see their documentation. Previously, only 512×512 was possible.

OK, I see, so they added 256 px support for the new Studio raster styles, great! For the old styles they always had 256 px support. I’ll try to add custom basemap support soon!

Priority upgrade…

With MapQuest down I would like to use my styles instead of it.

Hi Severak, I agree, this is more important now then ever, I’ll try to implement it quickly. Would you be using Mapbox custom styles?

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I will definitely use custom styles.

I’m tuned in for the result of this one too! I look forward to being able to customise the map, maybe even the pins, icons etc too one day