Chrome not supported?

I get the following error when using chrome.
Is Chrome really unsupported now?

If Chrome does not work anymore and the new pricing model coming, I don’t know man…
I understand that as an old user, nothing changes for me, for now, but still. I checked the pricing, and I would be fine to put 10-20 Euros down for a year, but 72 Dollars? thats just not worth it.

Hi Nico,

First of all nothing changed to Chrome. Most MapHub users use Chrome, including me, so that would be a big problem if it happened. I believe it’s something related to your computer or video card drivers which disabled WebGL. If you have WebGL support then you have MapHub support.

About pricing, I understand it might be expensive for some people, but the thing is that it costs me quite a lot to run the site as well. Still, I’ll think about it, thanks for your feedback.

Thanks for your feedback.
Actually I have asked the same question some time ago via: Your Browser does not support WebGL - #6 by hyperknot

Totally forgot. I went through the instructions and via the chrome flag, I got it to work.

Regarding the pricing. Don’t get me wrong. I totally understand you have your cost, and you very much deserve to actually gain something from this project, not only get break even.

I will check with my BVB Fanclub, if I can relay the costs to it. Maybe I can work something out.