Background color in imported polygon

My maps are born with the import of ‘kml’ files; The perimeter of each municipality is created with the label -linestring- and -coordinates-.

If I edit the converted file to GeoJSON this is maintained and I see that the perimeter color is defined here with the label “stroke”: “# ff0000”.

Is there a label to put this polygon’s background (transparent) color?

Thank you

Hi Andreu,

Are you looking for a way to make a polygon with transparent inside, like a closed polyline?


Hi, yes that is. I think about its usefulness when in the future (?) The ‘zoom’ function is incorporated for an area (in my case a municipality) and thus differentiate the colored area from the others. In my case where I need 52 polygons (municipalities-maps) I could settle for only 4 maps. I think it would be an interesting improvement.

I share a simple current example, obviously without coloring.

OK, I’m understanding the feature you are asking here, it’s to support separate stroke and fill for polygons, that’s clear.

What I don’t understand yet is the “zoom” feature you are asking and the coloring, and how could you use less maps.

For “zoom”, I believe most users are referring to “specify initial view region”, that is, the view region which appears when you open a map for the first time. Is that what you’d like as well?

OK, thanks for the interest!
Well, I am sure what I would like because now it is a function available in FusionTables that as you know will die on December 4, 2019.
My database is 1760 waypoints and it is important to work on ONE list, ONE map because the database is dynamic with constant changes and updates.
For me the perfect thing would be: I have a single map with 1760 waypoints, in 5 regions and 52 municipalities and I can choose the INITIAL zoom LEVEL and the ZONE (municipality) that will be in sight. But it is important that this be a concrete LINK always on the SAME MAP.

I try to be able to two examples with a VIRTUAL LINK, imaginary to explain my idea:,3.039092-level-8,2.893256-level-7

And this is the general MAP that should be the ONLY one for me.

Thank you !!
(With this LINK to a point and a chosen ZOOM, the background color of the polygon would no longer be as important)

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OK, that’s clear now, thanks a lot for the explanation. So you are not looking for specifying the initial zoom, but to put the lat, lon and zoom level in the URL. So the final url would look like:

or something similar, right? That’s clear now!

Well, thank you very much for the interest in the subject. Being in the hands of the Google Translator is sometimes dangerous.
I make the suggestion in another way: I currently work with the 55 municipalities of my ISLAND that are 55 gpx files and I would like to work with ONE ONLY file, (the one seen in the link).
Well, working ONLY with this map, I would like to be able to zoom and move the cursor up, down, left, right … and when I am seeing in the center for example i have SELECTED this municipality, I would like to be able to have A LINK OF THIS POSITION and embed it in the Web.
Well, now I put the LINK that DOES THIS FUNCTION on Google’s FusionTables platform (which will die in December).


< iframe width=“700” height=“700” scrolling=“no” frameborder=“no” src=“”>< /iframe>

I hope I have explained myself better this time, thank you.

Similar to this for example?

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I think it would be better to work with ONE MAP with 55 LINKS against working with 55 MAPS.

(Note that I had to alter the ‘‘iframe’’ and “/iframe” tags in order to include the script in the previous comment)


could a “group in group” system also help for this case?
Instead of a link, you can zoom to a group or sub- group. (regions/municipalities)

Here is thread regarding a zoom for groups: