Arabic city names not displayed correctly

I just checked a map on maphub used by a newspaper (data journalism) and it seems the names of the cities aren’t proprelly written in Arabic. The letters are not joined (and arabic is a curiv only language). Not sure if this is a bug might wanna check it out. The map was syrya and the city damascus

click on the map link:

on the right hand side click on syria, the map zooms on damascus and the above display issue happens

Hi Paul,

The issue is with basemaps. I don’t know Arabic, but from your explanation it seems that the basemap you are using (Thunderforest) is having problems displaying Arabic names properly.

I’ll write to the developer of Thunderforest and explain this issue.

In the mean while, I believe the best basemap for Arabic signs is Mapbox, can you try that out?